World Wide Fertilizers

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Through our network and in cooperation with our local and international partners, we are able to offer a very competitive and full range of fertilizers. Full support of the customer is for us without any doubt.

Examples of our range of fertilizers and plant nutrition products:

  • NP/NPK granular and prilled compound fertilizers.
  • Straight fertilizers: AS21, CN, CAN27, ASN, N-inhibitors.
  • Premium blends en packing with own installations.
  • Organic fertilizers under own and customer brand.
  • Slow and control release fertilizers.
  • Water soluble fertilizers.

Our experienced employees support our customers in a professional way:

  • Accurate and in time deliveries.
  • Documentation and certificates.
  • Quality and inspection services.
  • Agronomical and product technical support.

Do not hesitate to contact our Export Manager for more information:

Eric van de Plasse